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Top 10 Reasons to Buy an iPad POS System for Your Restaurant

So why should you purchase an iPad POS system for your restaurant?  In a lot of cases, a restaurant iPad POS system can be much less expensive compared to a traditional touchscreen or Windows-based point of purchase.  We have partnerships with the top providers on the market to get you the best deal.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should consider an iPad POS system for your restaurant or bar over a traditional POS system.

  1. The overall cost of ownership for tablet systems is cheaper to conventional methods – Generally speaking, you can typically purchase an iPad point of sale system for about 1/3 of the overall cost over a traditional “Cadillac” point of purchase that has all the bells and whistles.  Compare prices with our free tool, and you’ll discover this to be very accurate.
  2. Less expensive support – Tablet POS systems pricing and costs usually include a monthly “hosting” fee instead of a pricey support contract. The monthly cloud hosting costs typically include hosting, 24/7 support, and software updates for the life of your service.  Be sure to ask what the monthly fee covers.
  3. No long-term contracts – Some old school providers will want to lock you into a long-term commitment to make you a more “sticky” customer.  Who intends to be sticky? Eeek.  Most Restaurant iPad POS systems are a month-to-month service.  So if you don’t like it for some reason, you can cancel your account.  Alternatively, in some cases, you might even be able to get another point of sale app and use the same hardware.
  4. Cheaper hardware – Even though iPads can be pricey.  They are still less expensive upfront and require less long-term maintenance.  If an iPad dies for some reason, you can easily replace it, reinstall the app, and you’re back in business.  No more rebuilding or replacing an expensive hardware and software terminal when a hard drive fails.
  5. iPads are more secure than touchscreen computers – Tablets are less prone to security breaches over Windows software.  A point of purchase terminal with Windows is especially highly targeted and much more comfortable to hack over an iOS-based device.
  6. Mobile flexibility – With an iPad or tablet-based POS software, it’s much easier to be portable with wireless capabilities.  Your cash register terminal is no longer static.  For example, you could increase table turns by taking orders tableside and then send them to the kitchen remotely.  Another example is you can do line busting on a busy day.
  7. Cloud Reporting – Once you get a taste of cloud reporting, you’ll never go back.  With online cloud-based reporting, there’s no better feeling than knowing where your business stands no matter where you are in the world.  No more coming into the office or remoting into a terminal or server to get your reports.  Have all your numbers at your fingertips from any device, anywhere in the world.
  8. Easy to use and learn – Dallas Allen, an iPad point of sale reseller tells us this, “Having installed both the “Cadillac” systems and iPad POS systems, there’s just no comparison regarding ease of use and installation of an iPad POS. We’ve installed traditional Windows systems that can take a month to iron out the process and to complete the install.  That’s never been the case with our iPad terminals.  We typically get customers up and running in less than a day.  Training takes 15-30 minutes for a primary user and 1 hour for a manager or owner.  It’s incredibly easy to setup and uses our iPad POS systems.”
  9. Customer management and engagement – Interact and take orders tableside on the floor for better customer engagement.  Some apps like POSLavu allow you to email receipts or sign and leave a tip on the screen.  A register like ShopKeep, for instance, will enable you to capture customer information and then use it for marketing campaigns.  Each software app will have unique features and other integrations that make them very robust and comparable to traditional systems.
  10. Choice of features – Not all systems are created equal, but a majority of the iPad software apps have similar feature sets and a monthly fee.  So the selection process is less stressful and time-consuming.  When looking for the best Restaurant iPad POS system, consider the features you absolutely must have and check those off the list, then narrow down by prices and features you don’t require.  Some of the most popular Restaurant iPad POS systems include Lightspeed, ShopKeep, POSLavu, TouchBistro, Revel Systems, Ambur, Breadcrumb, Vend, Toast, and Intuit Quickbooks, just to name a few.


With the advancement in mobile hardware and software technology, tablets, and iPad POS systems can be as robust as and even faster than many traditional touchscreen terminals.  Additionally, the cost of entry is much less for a tablet cash register over a conventional bar and restaurant POS system like Harbortouch for instance, and you don’t lose the functionality you need to run a restaurant and bar.

You can spend hours looking at reviews, but we welcome you to save time and money by using our free iPad POS pricing tool above.  Compare prices quickly and easily, so you know you’re getting a great deal on the best restaurant iPad POS system.